Our history

Our history

Michael Marmur, founder of Pinpoint, paid his way through McGill University doing photography shoots on weekends and evenings. But post-graduation, the demands of his job as a management consultant took over, and he set his camera aside.

Just a few years later, Michael fell back into photography as friends asked him to do their wedding shoots. Soon, his growing client list was making double and triple requests for the same dates.

Michael began booking other photographers while managing the client connection – and a new concept was born. The business model worked so well that by spring 2005, the corporate client list was growing exponentially.

As the client list grew, Michael saw how much time and money organizations were wasting flying their trusted local photographers to distant cities. Clearly a need in the market was not being answered. Michael decided his business was the perfect one to address it.

Launch of Pinpoint National Photography

In January 2010 Pinpoint National Photography was born. Pinpoint’s mission is to make it easy and cost-effective for clients to acquire trusted corporate photographers anywhere in Canada and the United States, through a single point of contact. Since then, Pinpoint has developed a network of specialized and reliable photographers in all major cities in Canada and the United States, as well as many smaller communities.

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