March 2014

Want a flattering headshot? Plan ahead

 Mar 18, 2014 3:17 PM
by Michael Marmur

A young woman recently arrived late for a head shot session with Pinpoint National Photography, frazzled because she couldn’t find her favourite suit. She was anxious and uncomfortable - and that lack of confidence showed up in her photos.

To achieve flattering and professional head shots (like the one to the left) you need to leave plenty of time for a relaxed trip to the session.  Put together your outfit the night before to avoid last-minute emergencies, pressing it and checking the fit. Some other suggestions:

Jackets are best for women too, but not in a loud colour or pattern. This is not a fashion shoot; leave the bling and evening makeup at home.

If you don’t want to wear your glasses in the photo, take them off a half-hour before to erase the line on your nose.
Drink plenty of water for a few days before the shoot so your skin is hydrated, and sleep a good eight hours to avoid tired eyes.
Be yourself, dress the way you usually dress at work and look natural. Be true to your brand.





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