October 2014

How to energize your company party

 Oct 21, 2014 4:38 PM
by Michael Marmur

Are you on the planning committee for this year’s company holiday party? Trying to come up with an idea to make the event stand out? How about setting up a photo “booth” where employees can have their portrait taken as a memento. Here’s how:

  1. Ask a colleague who knows their way around a camera to act as the official photographer for the night (bribery works).
  2. Designate a studio space along one wall in the party venue, and hang a neutral curtain or sheet as background.
  3. Make sure the subjects stand about five feet from the wall (minimizes shadows) and turn their bodies slightly at an angle to the photographer.
  4. Have props available for those who want to ham it up, such as winter hats, skis, skates or other holiday themes. Use the props in group shots too.
  5. Upload the photos to your favourite lab, asking them to print 5X7” copies. Mount the prints in frames, distribute to each subject, and display the collection on your Website. Or, if your party budget allows, hire a professional photographer who can take care of all these details and leave you free to have some fun.





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