HeadShot Salon

Provide real value to attendees

Give your attendees something they can really use.  A business headshot by a professional portrait photographer, anywhere in Canada or the United States.

How it works

We send a photographer and make-up artist to your conference, trade show or association meeting.  

Our make-up artist does a hair and make-up touch-up.  Then your Pinpoint photographer takes the photos.  Our photographer will take about 5-15 photos of each person, enough to get at least one great image of the person. The key is to relax people and make them feel good by providing personal attention.  If they feel good - they will look great in their photos. 

Before they leave each person is given a branded card (with your sponsor's logo) with a unique website address to access only their photos. 

In about two business days, their headshots will be available in a private, secure online gallery.  No one gets embarrassed by everyone seeing their photos in one big gallery.   Attendees download their images for use on their website, promotional material or LinkedIn profile. 

Check out a HeadShot Salon Sample Gallery.  (Download has been disabled)

Pinpoint staff respond to enquries should any attendees have difficult retrieving their photos.  Everyone gets their headshots!  And, no wasted time by you or your team to email photos to attendees and respond to enquries.  Pinpoint handles everything!

For very high volume events, we can send two, three or more photographers.

You are doing a road show?  No problem, we have local photographers in all major cities.

Perhaps you have seen us at CSAE, PCMA or Incentive Works - we'd be glad to work with you too.

Sponsorship opportunity

A headshot booth is a popular activation which draws attendees to your booth.  While attendees are waiting to have their make-up touch up and professional headshot you have a few minutes to chat with them.

There are branding opportunities for the sponsor.  We can provide you with data so you can keep track of how many people had their photo taken and how many people actually viewed their photos.

Let us show you how a headshot booth or head shot lounge activation can increase traffic and engagement at your next event.

Preparation – make sure they look their best

Let attendees know there will be a professional portrait photographer -  you want them to come camera ready.

Send our head shot preparation tips to attendees in advance to ensure they can be prepared and look their very best. Then onsite, we’ll help each individual relax, so they get the best shots. 

Value to attendees - Priceless

Business professionals know the cost of acquiring a headshot and even more - the time and effort it to takes to make it all happen.  We take care of everything - from start to finish.   

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