June 2017

Can a photographer be in two places at once?

 Jun 15, 2017 2:00 PM
by Michael Marmur

A recent project we worked on was for the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI). Its alumni association holds events in many different cities where their former students now live. The challenge for NUI was to find a photographer in different cities to capture their events.

Several years ago, an event planner (a graduate of NUI) I had worked for in Toronto originally referred me to her contact at NUI when she was looking for a photographer to capture an event. At this cocktail reception, we took some casual shots and several posed to commemorate the event.

When NUI was looking for a photographer to do the same for events in San Francisco and Vancouver recently, they reached out to us after seeing that we have photographers across North America.

What was quirky about this job is that our contact is based in Ireland, but we made it easy for her to get shoots done in Vancouver and California. We shot photos of the events and they have used the images for both their website and social media channels. The client was very happy with the results.

Click here to see some of the photos.

One of the services we can offer our clients is the ability to shoot in many different cities with just one company. This comes into play if a corporation has multiple offices but wants a consistent look for the company headshots or in this case when an organization is holding events in different cities. Dealing with one company simplifies the process and produces a consistent result.

Are you holding an event that you want to capture? Professional photos capture the spirit of the event and leave the organizers free to enjoy the event.


October 2014

How to energize your company party

 Oct 21, 2014 4:38 PM
by Michael Marmur

Are you on the planning committee for this year’s company holiday party? Trying to come up with an idea to make the event stand out? How about setting up a photo “booth” where employees can have their portrait taken as a memento. Here’s how:

  1. Ask a colleague who knows their way around a camera to act as the official photographer for the night (bribery works).
  2. Designate a studio space along one wall in the party venue, and hang a neutral curtain or sheet as background.
  3. Make sure the subjects stand about five feet from the wall (minimizes shadows) and turn their bodies slightly at an angle to the photographer.
  4. Have props available for those who want to ham it up, such as winter hats, skis, skates or other holiday themes. Use the props in group shots too.
  5. Upload the photos to your favourite lab, asking them to print 5X7” copies. Mount the prints in frames, distribute to each subject, and display the collection on your Website. Or, if your party budget allows, hire a professional photographer who can take care of all these details and leave you free to have some fun.


March 2014

Want a flattering headshot? Plan ahead

 Mar 18, 2014 3:17 PM
by Michael Marmur

A young woman recently arrived late for a head shot session with Pinpoint National Photography, frazzled because she couldn’t find her favourite suit. She was anxious and uncomfortable - and that lack of confidence showed up in her photos.

To achieve flattering and professional head shots (like the one to the left) you need to leave plenty of time for a relaxed trip to the session.  Put together your outfit the night before to avoid last-minute emergencies, pressing it and checking the fit. Some other suggestions:

Jackets are best for women too, but not in a loud colour or pattern. This is not a fashion shoot; leave the bling and evening makeup at home.

If you don’t want to wear your glasses in the photo, take them off a half-hour before to erase the line on your nose.
Drink plenty of water for a few days before the shoot so your skin is hydrated, and sleep a good eight hours to avoid tired eyes.
Be yourself, dress the way you usually dress at work and look natural. Be true to your brand.





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